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We Are

Petya and Filip

The P & F in DreamPiF

"And that's the whole structure. We are a family company.
I do the heavy lifting and she is the subtle mind pointing me to the right direction when I need the most"


Over the years we have been working in many different areas – construction, design of structural, installations, drywall and interior plans, office technics and supplies, logistics and even mine planning for a while. We have been working with people, being in charge of people, managed funds and resources…

When the crisis in 2008 stroke we were given the insight how transient the corporate loyalty and principles can be so we started thinking of starting something on our own, as challenging but also satisfying this can be.

We believe in the personal approach and the convenient informal communication. No formal talk and corporate language – just people helping other people getting something done in a reasonable, effective and beautiful manner, no matter if it’s a website brand identity or an unique wooden piece of art.

Currently along with our web design, graphics, content writing and consulting services, we also are into the making of unique art items from leather and wood like “live” family trees and wood covered engraved notebooks made upon personal design. You can read more about this over here…

Let’s Work Together

We would love to hear from you
Don’t hesitate to reach out to as and let’s discuss how we can help.

So, that’s us. We will help you in your efforts building your brand, equipping it with a website and in general – pushing it forward. We’ll always listen to what you have to say, won’t spare you our frank opinion in case we spot something concerning but at the end will comply with your view and decision. That’s what friends do.
We are always looking for new ones. In case you think you could use our help – don’t hesitate and reach us with some details on what you think we might be of service!