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Here you can find a short list of points to consider upon planning your website along with what they mean in human language and why they are important to have in mind. The list is short to keep things simple so if you have further questions don't hesitate to


Some points to consider upon planing your web site:

…explained in plain human language.

01.   Structure
what pages you think the website should consist if. It will probably evolve in the process. Feel free to sketch up eveything what comes up on your mind.
02.  SITE name and domain
These are the name of your website and the line the visitor will be seeing in the browser’s address bar visiting your site. It should be memorable and relay to your business name or services
03.  Hosting
This is the phisical place where your website will reside.
04.  Content
What actually makes the value of your website. Most people prefer their oun language being used but in case you need to we can write it for you upon given guidelines
05.  Imagery
Pretty much like the content it’s great having genuine images ilustrating what’s the website about. It’s not a must though – combining real place/product images with some stock ones can also produce great result. In case your photos need some retouching we can help
06.  Functions
Along with presenting your business you can do a lot with your website. Most commonly – lead a blog to draw attention to it, run a webstore, gather subscribers for email campaigns, integrate your social profiles etc.
07.  Feedback
Everybody needs a corrective. As we send you our work for corrections you might consider a few people you trust as a “target group” you can share our work in progress with so we start getting some feedbacks as we go
08.  Appearance
Choosing the proper appearance depends on the desired audience you are about to target. Depending on that we can choose between a bold or more conservative looks.
09.  Performance
Any audience would love to have desired content loading fast. Setting up a strong technology foundation on start we always build with speed scores in mind.
10.  SEO
That’s how the search engines get what the website is about and get to love it. Together we canm ake this happen
11.  Social media
Having well set up and linegrated with your website social media profiles can boost up traffic and sales. For example a web store can be automatically refleted in Facebook and Instagram
12.  Integrations
You can leverage the power of various services, like receiving payments if it’s a web store, gathering emails for your marketing campains and many more by having them integrated in your great new website

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