Developed for Synergistic Sanitizing Solutions

We made this for a company with vast area of operation and many sales representatives (REPs)
The site automatically changes so it looks like each REP has own website for the business. Change remains permanent if prospect re-visits.


The company operates in both US and Canada, providing complete Sanitizing and Disinfecting solutions for businesses to reopen and stay open with a safe and germs-free environment for both visitors and employees.
Considering the vast area of operation – the whole Northern American continent quite a few sales representatives (REPs) were involved, each one needing to leverage the vast resource on the website in order to provide the best service.
To provide them all equal and fair conditions and not confusing the prospects there was a specific need to meet. When a prospect enters the website trough the specific REP’s personal web page the whole website gets transformed as REP’s personal website. The phone numbers and emails quoted all over the place change according to the specific REP’s contact details and of course the Connect Us page leads to the REP’s personal page.

All the website analytics data can be automatically split by REP so each salesman can check out his/hers “personal website”performance, audience, conversions etc. so it’s easy to track and use for further reference.

Additionally once the website has been “overtaken” from the REP for the specific prospect the effect becomes permanent no matter the entry point of the next website session. also split by REP

This way we managed to achieve elegant cost effective and almost instant solution providing all the sales experts in the company their own full blooded website with all resources needed as if they actually own the whole website.

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