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The websiteswe make are powered by set of modern technologies that have proven to be working great in symbiosis with one another providing with both outstanding performance and appearance:


Almost half of the websites out there are powered with this so called Content Management system. Powerful and effective it sets up the foundation


Probably the best tool for designing websites with WordPress. It has the power to achieve almost any appearance and is easy for end user to get around when using their site


The most powerful and versatile e-commerce platform for WordPress letting you have a fully functional web store in no time


Proven technology helping your great photos and images load fast on the network yet remaining beautyful on screen. Performance matters


The most powerful and versatile way displaying your great content in as many languages as needed, still not getting lost in translation

Google Analytics

Powerful innventory from the giant Google letting you track and analyse your website performance, search appearance and conversions

Google AMP

An exciting new way the of web page organization aiming for speed. AMP pages are favored in searches and Google loves them

Divi Next/ Express

Divi Certified technologies to add extra appearance and functionality to your great website fast and effective


These technologies are the basics the whole world of web is based on. The knowledge in these is fundamental and helps achieving more and faster


A set of tools and techniques especially for making your website perform, not making the user fall asleep waiting it to load

Yoast SEO

A toolbox that we need to optimize your quality content so the search engines love it.


A sole warrior website can do a good, but it will do even better having traffic from all social media we visit everyday

Powered up with these we are now able to respond quickly to the vital demands of things happening fast, cost effective and most importantly – up to the busines needs. And having our graphic design background we are perfectly equipped helping a business start up from the very first steps.

To make it easier for the user to visualize what it could be and also get around what might suit their vision and taste we have hundreds of designs to get started from – this way we can have somehting done really fast often making the client a prat of the process – with just a brief look around you can see what appeals to you giving us precious guidance where to push things from this point forward.


Let’s Work Together

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So, that’s us. We will help you in your efforts building your brand, equipping it with a website and in general – pushing it forward. We’ll always listen to what you have to say, won’t spare you our frank opinion in case we spot something concerning but at the end will comply with your view and decision. That’s what friends do.
We are always looking for new ones. In case you think you could use our help – don’t hesitate and reach us with some details on what you think we might be of service!